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Some San Franciscans are probably still excited about the Super Bowl, but few want to see statues for it.

Residents have been messing with the 10 one-ton Super Bowl signs installed around the city in protest of the upcoming event and it’s pretty funny.

While the game will be played in nearby Santa Clara, California, San Francisco will be hosting all the pre-game festivities. With $5 million taxpayer dollars going to these events leading up to the actual game, according to SB Nation, citizens of San Francisco are going rogue.

The disruptions throughout the city leading up to this week’s events include street closures and interrupted public transit schedules, SB Nation reports. Authorities have also been relocating the homeless to make way for VIPs visiting the city.

To fight back against ‘The Man’, San Francisco residents have been defacing the statues placed around the city to advertise the Big Game.

Vandals have brought a laugh to the city by changing the signs from reading ‘Super Bowl 50’ to phrases like ‘Sup Bro’, ‘Superb Owl’ and ‘Up R Bowel,’ while also sending a message. That message seems to be, ‘Don’t use taxpayer dollars for stupid, ugly advertisements for a game that isn’t even taking place in our city.’

The crescendo to all of this sign-destroying madness is centered around the sign in Alamo Square. While it started as the simple yet silly ‘Superb Owl’, it has since experienced acts of aggression where protestors have pushed it onto its side…twice. They also changed ‘Superb Owl’ to ‘Oops’.

While the sign was set upright after it was flipped the first time, it only stood for a short while before it was knocked down again. Exasperated, a truck came and carted it away altogether.

Perhaps this is a sign that officials should think twice — or 50 times — about placing gigantic advertisements around a particularly outspoken city.

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Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials
San Francisco residents really don't like these Super Bowl ads – Mashable

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