Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds star in Super Bowl ad about Ryan Reynolds (and Hyundai too maybe) – New York Daily News

Ryan Reynolds stars as a dog walker/cop/cyclist/group of football players in a Hyundai Super Bowl ad.

It’s all Reynolds all the time in a Hyundai Elantra commercial set to run during the second quarter of this Sunday’s Super Bowl 50.

The spot takes place in the (hopefully) fictitious town of “Ryanville” where the population is comprised entirely of Ryan Reynoldses.

Two young women drive an electric blue Elantra through the streets of Ryanville and become entranced as they cross paths with bike-riding Ryan Reynolds, traffic cop Ryan Reynolds and a gaggle of Ryan Reynoldses playing football on a neighborhood lawn.

With the handsome populous overloading their brains, the pair can’t keep their eyes on the road (lady drivers, am I right?) and they nearly mow down dog-walking Ryan Reynolds as he crosses the street with a flock of adorable canines. Good thing the Elantra has advanced safety features like automatic brakes, otherwise it would have been a tragic day in Ryanville.

“Ryan gave us so many funny moments, we could have made five more commercials,” said Barney Goldberg, vice president of INNOCEAN Worldwide, the group behind Hyundai’s commercials. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to come away with just one.

The 30-second spot is one of four that Hyundai, the NFL’s official car sponsor, will roll out throughout the evening.

First up on the docket, is a 60-second spot set to run during the pre-game broadcast starring funny man Kevin Hart as an overprotective father who uses theHyundai Blue Link Car Finder to stalk is teenage daughter on her date inside a 2016 Genesis.

Hyundai has been a little cagier with this ad, dubbed “First Date” than they were with Ryanville, only releasing a pair of 15-second teasers as opposed to the entire spot.

While it’s probably terrifying for teenage boys and girls, the ad is exciting for car lovers, as it puts us one step closer to seeing to the launch of Genesis Motors, a forthcoming luxury spinoff line from Hyundai.

The next ad, which is also 60-seconds and is set to run during the pre-game show, is called “Better” and it follows a boy through the various stages of his early life and on to manhood. Throughout the spot, the main character works to make the world around him better as a way of saying Hyundai would like to do the same.

Sounds like this will be Hyundai’s sentimental, tear-jerking offering this year, but there’s no sneak preview so we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Finally, in a 30-second ad set to air during the first quarter will feature two people running frantically from bears (an homage to “The Revenant,” perhaps?). One of them uses his smart watch to remotely start his Hyundai Elantra, allowing the couple to escape unmauled.

It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl ad if it didn’t include talking animals so, of course, the two bears talk things out after the humans get away.

Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials
Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds star in Super Bowl ad about Ryan Reynolds (and Hyundai too maybe) – New York Daily News

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