Popeyes Flies High with First-Ever Super Bowl Commercial to Spotlight New Wings

This year Popeyes is bettin’ it all on wings. If one of the teams with wings wins that huge 🏈 game we aren’t legally allowed to mention, we’ll give free wings to all with any purchase online or in-app on Fat Tuesday, 2/13. Terms apply. And by all we mean America and Canada. Only 3 chances at free wings are left. The pressure is on Philly, Baltimore, and Buffalo!​

Popeyes, renowned for its delicious fried chicken, is set to make a grand entrance at Super Bowl LVIII on CBS, scheduled for February 11, with its first-ever commercial in the event’s history. This groundbreaking ad in the first quarter aims to tantalize viewers with a craving for chicken wings, showcasing the addition of five different wing flavors as permanent menu items.

The commercial, produced by McKinney, is set to air in the highly competitive first quarter. Popeyes faces the challenge of distinguishing itself among numerous food and beverage advertisers, including Anheuser-Busch InBev and Yum Brands’ Pizza Hut, known for its pre-game show presence.

Sami Siddiqui, president of Popeye’s U.S. operations, emphasizes the relevance of their Super Bowl participation. “If you’re going to do something to be part of the Super Bowl, you want to have something relevant to say,” he notes.

An intriguing promotion accompanies the commercial: if a team with wings in its name, logo, or mascot wins the Super Bowl, patrons in the USA and Canada can get a free order of 6-piece wings at participating restaurants.

This historic move for Popeyes took over three years of planning, reflecting the chain’s commitment to excellence. The launch of Ghost Pepper Wings in 2023, which sold out in just two weeks, was a testament to the potential success of this venture.

Other restaurant chains have employed similar Super Bowl strategies, like Denny’s offering free Grand Slam breakfasts in 2009. Popeyes, initially known for its fried chicken and cajun seasonings, gained significant attention with its 2019 chicken sandwich launch, rivaling Chick-fil-A.

The new wing flavors, including Ghost Pepper, Sweet ‘N Spicy, Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, and Signature Hot, are expected to further enhance Popeyes’ appeal. Delivery options for these wings add to their convenience.

Siddiqui expresses long-term ambitions for the wings, hinting at continuous growth and innovation in sauces. “We hope that the wings really take flight during the Super Bowl,” he says.

The Super Bowl represents an unparalleled opportunity for brands like Popeyes to capture national attention. With a commercial cost potentially reaching $7 million, the stakes are high, but Popeyes is betting big on its new wing flavors and the “Wings for Wings” promotion.

Popeyes Wings, marinated in unique spices and hand-breaded for a perfect crunch, are now available at prices starting at $5.99 for a 6-piece. For more information, visit Popeyes.com and popeyeschicken.ca.

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