MR. PEANUT to Make Super Bowl Ad Debut With Baseball Great Alex Rodriguez

For the first time ever, MR. PEANUT will star in a PLANTERS Super Bowl ad that shows just how far he is willing to go to give fans a reliably crunchy and satisfying salty snack that delivers on their cravings in their greatest moments of need. This time, the fan in need happens to be baseball legend Alex Rodriguez.

“I’ve had a lot of experience coming through for my baseball teammates and my family in crunch time, but even I need help sometimes, too,” said baseball’s grand slam leader, Rodriguez. “That’s where my guy MR. PEANUT comes in. He’s there for me when I need a crunchy snack and always has my back.”

Fans can watch a teaser of the ad here and see just how MR. PEANUT and Rodriguez spend quality time together. The full ad created by VaynerMedia will air during pod 10 of the game’s second quarter.

“PLANTERS is one of the biggest snack brands in America and this is one of the biggest snacking days of the year,” said Luke Cole, Director of Marketing, Snacks & Desserts at Kraft Heinz. “It’s only natural MR. PEANUT is there to show how he always has your back in snacking and in life, and he’s going all-out to show fans he’s got their backs, whether they’re baseball legends or passionate football fans.”

PLANTERS will unshell new nutty developments leading up to the Super Bowl. Plus, MR. PEANUT will be there for fans during the big game by giving away amazing prizes in crunch time moments. Be sure to follow along with @MrPeanut on Twitter.

For more information, visit .com and follow MR. PEANUT on Twitter @MrPeanut.

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