Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads: Budweiser “Puppy Love”

The Super Bowl is full of unknowns–who will win the coin toss? Who will win the game? How many wings will you eat this time? But one thing is always for certain–Budweiser will have a commercial featuring its signature Clydesdale horses. But when Bud paired a Clydesdale with a puppy in its 2014 spot, the cuteness overload was almost too much to handle. Clio assembled a group of pop culture and advertising experts to discuss what made this story of persistence and friendship an ad for the ages.


Tyler Cameron, Television Personality & Model
Jai Rodriguez, Actor & Television Personality
Matt Wallaert, Behavioral Science Expert
Michele Tafoya, NFL Sideline Reporter
Tim Nudd, Editor in Chief, The Clio Awards & Muse by Clio
Fernando Machado, Chief Marketing Officer, Activision Blizzard
Danny Robinson, Chief Creative Officer, The Martin Agency

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