Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads: Amazon “Alexa Loses Her Voice”

In 2017, Amazon went an unexpected route for their Alexa Super Bowl ad. Instead of showing how great our lives are with Alexa, they showed us what an absolute mess things would be without her. Alexa loses her voice in the ad, forcing Jeff Bezos to replace her with some of the most chaotic celebrities out there: Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsey, and Anthony Hopkins. The result was unexpected, entertaining, and became an instant classic. Ad execs and pop culture experts discuss the spot and how it was so effective with its message: nobody does it like Alexa.


Jai Rodriguez, Actor & Television Personality
Tyler Cameron, Television Personality & Model
David Lubars, Chairman/Chief Creative Officer, BBDO
Matt Wallaert, Behavioral Science Expert
Yamaneika Saunders, Comedian & Writer
Tim Nudd, Editor in Chief, The Clio Awards & Muse by Clio

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