Hyundai’s Unique Approach: No Super Bowl, but Yes to Summer Olympics

Hyundai’s Chief Marketing Officer, Angela Zepeda, has announced that the automaker will not advertise during the Super Bowl in February but will instead focus on creative campaigns during the conference championship games. The centerpiece of this campaign will be the newly introduced 2024 Santa Fe SUV.

Zepeda revealed that while the Super Bowl is always considered, it’s not a guaranteed choice and depends on when it makes the most sense for the brand. She cited the unpredictability of recent years as a factor in this decision. Despite challenges, Hyundai has had a successful year.

Looking ahead to 2024, Zepeda anticipates challenges related to affordability and increased competition in the automotive market.

Additionally, she mentioned that Hyundai has not been a significant advertiser on the social media platform X and has no immediate plans to change this approach, as they primarily use it for PR purposes.

Hyundai has secured a deal to advertise its SUVs during the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, further expanding its marketing reach.

While details about the pre-Super Bowl campaign remain undisclosed, Zepeda expressed excitement about its strength and noted Hyundai’s collaboration with Amazon. They plan to launch a consumer-facing campaign in the spring, highlighting their partnership and the fresh perspective it brings to the brand.

Hyundai’s relationship with Amazon has been evolving, with efforts to drive customers to Hyundai showrooms on the platform. Interestingly, this collaboration has attracted a different customer base, with around 70% of car shoppers on Amazon having never considered Hyundai before.

Overall, Hyundai is strategically navigating the advertising landscape, making thoughtful decisions about when and where to promote its products while adapting to changing market dynamics.

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Hyundai Vows to Make Super Bowl Ads Fit the Occasion

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