Drumstick Debuts First Super Bowl Ad with Eric Andre: A Sweet Spot of Humor

Drumstick is set to make a memorable Super Bowl debut with a 30-second spot featuring the comedic talents of Eric Andre during the third quarter of the game. The brand confirmed to Brand Innovators that this ad, crafted in partnership with the creative agency Opinionated, will build on the success of its “Another Day, Another Drumstick” campaign.

The initiative, which launched last year, has resonated with consumers by celebrating the simple joy of indulging in America’s favorite sundae cone. Kerry Hopkins, Drumstick’s Marketing Director, expressed excitement about bringing the campaign to an even larger audience. “We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring America’s favorite sundae cone to the biggest stage yet,” Hopkins stated. “With the help of our beloved Dr. Umstick and his new friend, Eric Andre, we’ll take viewers on a hilarious journey reminding them that any day is a good day for a Drumstick.”

Eric Andre, known for his unpredictable and uproarious comedy style, is set to bring a fresh dynamic to the Drumstick brand. His collaboration with the fictional Dr. Umstick promises a blend of humor and heart, a recipe that Drumstick hopes will resonate with the millions watching the Super Bowl.

As Super Bowl ads increasingly become platforms for brands to make significant statements or create memorable moments, Drumstick’s approach is refreshingly straightforward: a reminder to enjoy life’s small pleasures, like a delicious Drumstick cone. As the brand makes its foray into the Super Bowl advertising realm, audiences can anticipate a spot that not only tickles their funny bone but also tugs at their nostalgic heartstrings for the iconic treat.

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