Dove Soars Again at Super Bowl 2024: Championing Confidence in Young Girls

After a lengthy hiatus spanning 18 years, Dove, the renowned beauty brand of Unilever, is set to make a grand re-entry into the Super Bowl commercial lineup in 2024. This 30-second TV spot, scheduled to air during the first quarter, symbolizes more than just a return to one of the world’s most-watched sporting events; it marks a renewed commitment to a cause close to the brand’s heart.

Dove’s upcoming Super Bowl message, featuring the hashtag #KeepHerConfident, is part of its larger mission to build body confidence in young girls. This message aligns seamlessly with its recent groundbreaking partnership with Nike in creating “Body Confident Sport,” a suite of coaching tools aimed at fostering body positivity among girls aged 11 to 17.

Leandro Barreto, Senior Vice President for the global Dove master brand, emphasized the campaign’s urgency, stating, “Dove is on a mission to make sports a place where all girls can thrive and feel like they belong.” Barreto pointed out the detrimental effects of negative body talk and appearance-focused commentary in sports, highlighting their impact on girls’ body confidence.

This Super Bowl spot will be Dove’s first major presence at the event since its memorable 2006 commercial, which also centered around boosting young girls’ self-esteem. Notably, Dove’s male-focused collection, Dove Men + Care, also made an appearance in a 2015 Super Bowl ad, focusing on product promotion.

The campaign is the latest iteration of the long-standing Dove Self-Esteem Project, launched in 2004. The project, which Dove claims has already impacted over 100 million young people, aims to reach 250 million by 2030. The Body Confident Sport initiative, announced in October, is touted as a scientifically-proven, first-of-its-kind set of coaching tools. The initiative was informed by research revealing that 45% of teenage girls globally drop out of sports due to low body confidence.

Dove’s unwavering commitment to purpose-driven marketing aligns with parent company Unilever’s broader strategy. In a recent earnings call, Unilever CEO Hein Schumacher highlighted the success of purposeful brands like Dove and encouraged their continued use of this approach. However, he also noted that Unilever would not universally mandate this tactic across its portfolio.

On game day, Dove will not be alone in championing a social cause. Sister brand Hellmann’s Mayonnaise will also be airing a spot focused on its “Make Taste, Not Waste” initiative, which has been a core theme in its past Super Bowl ads.

Dove’s return to the Super Bowl after nearly two decades is more than just a commercial comeback; it’s a powerful statement on the brand’s enduring dedication to nurturing self-esteem and confidence in young girls. This commitment, reflected in Dove’s partnership with Nike and its ongoing Self-Esteem Project, showcases the brand’s evolution from a beauty brand to a beacon of positive change in society.

For more information on how to help #KeepHerConfident in sports, visit or follow Dove on social media @Dove.

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