DoorDash Joins the Super Bowl LVIII Advertising Lineup

DoorDash has officially entered the Super Bowl LVIII advertising arena, marking the latest addition to an already impressive roster of brands set to feature in one of television’s most coveted advertising slots. DoorDash used Wieden+Kennedy to be the creative behind DoorDash’s new brand platform, ‘Your Door to More,'” which will be featured in its third Super Bowl ad. The first work in the “Your Door to More” will debut during the NFL Wildcard round on Saturday Jan. 13, and the work will show off the company’s ability to deliver you local goods. The spot uses an ominous voiceover and a jiggling cow on a milk carton to convey DoorDash is your door to crisis-free breakfasts.

The 2024 Super Bowl ad lineup is shaping up to be a remarkable mix of industry giants and fresh faces. Seven brands are making their Big Game debut: BetMGM, Nerds, Etsy, Drumstick, PepsiCo’s Starry, Popeyes, and Kawasaki. Their participation signifies the growing interest and value placed on Super Bowl advertising spots.

Ten brands are making a comeback from last year’s game, showcasing their continuous commitment to leveraging the massive reach of the Super Bowl platform. This list includes Coors Light, Hellmann’s, Pringles, M&M’s, Temu, Squarespace, TurboTax, FanDuel, Doritos, and the latest to join, DoorDash.

Several brands are returning to the Super Bowl stage after a hiatus, bringing back their creative prowess to the grand stage. These include Oreo, which last appeared in 2013, BMW from 2022, Dove from 2015, Mtn Dew from 2021, and Reese’s, which had its last ad in 2020.

DoorDash’s decision to secure a spot in the Super Bowl LVIII lineup underscores the event’s unrivaled visibility and impact. Super Bowl commercials have become almost as iconic as the game itself, often talked about and analyzed long after the final whistle. For brands, this is an opportunity to showcase innovative, often humorous, and always memorable advertisements to a global audience.

As viewers eagerly await the exciting match-up on the field, the commercial breaks will offer their own form of entertainment, with brands competing for the most memorable and impactful 30 seconds of airtime. With a blend of first-time advertisers and seasoned veterans, Super Bowl LVIII is set to be an advertising spectacle, reflecting the evolving landscape of marketing in one of the world’s most watched sporting events.

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