Average Cost of Super Bowl Ads Breakdown by Year

For decades, the Super Bowl has been a platform for some of the most memorable and talked-about advertisements and commercials. From the thrill of seeing well-known celebrities to the humorous and heart-warming stories, there is no shortage of creativity on display during this annual event.

When Super Bowl I aired in 1967, it was fairly unheard of to advertise during such a large sporting event. However, prior to the game, NBC sold commercial time for $37,500 per minute. Since then, the cost for advertising time has increased significantly with companies paying an average of $5.2 million for 30 seconds of air time during Super Bowl LIII in 2019. Below is a yearly chart with the average cost of Super Bowl ads, as well as their rating, share and viewership.

Throughout the years, there have been a number of iconic Super Bowl ads that have become part of pop culture. The 1984 Apple commercial is widely considered to be one of the best commercials ever created, with its powerful message and inspiring visuals. Other memorable advertisements include Reebok’s “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker’” from 2003 and Volkswagen’s “The Force” in 2011.

The ads and commercials that air during the Super Bowl are created by some of the most talented marketing professionals in the business. The most recent Super Bowl saw record viewership, shares and ratings during the broadcast which contained the ad slots for advertising. Companies take great care in producing quality ads that will connect with viewers on an emotional level while also conveying their key message. As we look ahead to future Super Bowls, we can expect to see some unique and creative advertisements as companies try to make their mark in history with an unforgettable ad campaign. 

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Super BowlSeasonGame DateNetworkRatingShareAvg. Cost Per 30-SecondsAvg. Number of Viewers
LVII2022Feb 12 2023FOX40.077$7,000,000113,700,000
LVI2021Feb 13 2022NBC3772$6,500,000101,100,000
LV2020Feb 2 2021CBS38.268$5,600,00091,600,000
LIV2019Feb 2 2020FOX41.669$5,600,00099,900,000
LIII2018Feb 3 2019CBS41.167$5,200,00098,477,000
LII2017Feb 4 2018NBC43.168$5,235,000103,400,000
LI2016Feb 5 2017FOX45.370$5,400,000111,300,000
L (50)2015Feb 7 2016CBS46.672$4,800,000111,900,000
XLIX2014Feb 1 2015NBC47.571$4,250,000114,442,000
XLVIII2013Feb 2 2014FOX46.769$4,000,000111,500,000
XLVII2012Feb 3 2013CBS48.171$3,800,000108,700,000
XLVI2011Feb 5 2012NBC47.871$3,500,000111,346,000
XLV2010Feb 6 2011FOX47.968$3,100,000111,010,000
XLIV2009Feb 7 2010CBS45.066$2,954,010106,476,000
XLIII2008Feb 1 2009FOX42.064$2,999,96098,732,000
XLII2007Feb 3 2008FOX43.165$2,699,96397,448,000
XLI2006Feb 4 2007CBS42.664$2,385,36593,184,000
XL2005Feb 5 2006ABC41.662$2,500,00090,745,000
XXXIX2004Feb 6 2005FOX41.162$2,400,00086,072,000
XXXVIII2003Feb 1 2004CBS41.463$2,302,20089,795,000
XXXVII2002Jan 26 2003ABC40.761$2,200,00088,637,000
XXXVI2001Feb 3 2002FOX40.461$2,200,00086,801,000
XXXV2000Jan 28 2001CBS40.461$2,200,00084,335,000
XXXIV1999Jan 30 2000ABC43.363$2,100,00088,465,000
XXXIII1998Jan 31 1999FOX40.261$1,600,00083,720,000
XXXII1997Jan 25 1998NBC44.567$1,291,10090,000,000
XXXI1996Jan 26 1997FOX43.365$1,200,00087,870,000
XXX1995Jan 28 1996NBC46.068$1,085,00094,080,000
XXIX1994Jan 29 1995ABC41.362$1,150,00083,420,000
XXVIII1993Jan 30 1994NBC45.566$900,00090,000,000
XXVII1992Jan 31 1993NBC45.166$850,00090,990,000
XXVI1991Jan 26 1992CBS40.361$850,00079,590,000
XXV1990Jan 27 1991ABC41.963$800,00079,510,000
XXIV1989Jan 28 1990CBS39.063$700,40073,852,000
XXIII1988Jan 22 1989NBC43.568$675,00081,590,000
XXII1987Jan 31 1988ABC41.962$645,00080,140,000
XXI1986Jan 25 1987CBS45.866$600,00087,190,000
XX1985Jan 26 1986NBC48.370$550,00092,570,000
XIX1984Jan 20 1985ABC46.463$525,00085,530,000
XVIII1983Jan 22 1984CBS46.471$368,20077,620,000
XVII1982Jan 30 1983NBC48.669$400,00081,770,000
XVI1981Jan 24 1982CBS49.173$324,30085,240,000
XV1980Jan 25 1981NBC44.463$275,00068,290,000
XIV1979Jan 20 1980CBS46.367$222,00076,240,000
XIII1978Jan 21 1979NBC47.174$185,00074,740,000
XII1977Jan 15 1978CBS47.267$162,30078,940,000
XI1976Jan 09 1977NBC44.473$125,00062,050,000
X1975Jan 18 1976CBS42.378$110,00057,710,000
IX1974Jan 12 1975NBC42.472$107,00056,050,000
VIII1973Jan 13 1974CBS41.673$103,50051,700,000
VII1972Jan 14 1973NBC42.772$88,10053,320,000
VI1971Jan 16 1972CBS44.274$86,10056,640,000
V1970Jan 17 1971NBC39.975$72,50046,040,000
IV1969Jan 11 1970CBS39.469$78,20044,270,000
III1968Jan 12 1969NBC36.070$55,00041,660,000
II1967Jan 14 1968CBS36.868$54,50039,120,000
I1966Jan 15 1967CBS22.643$42,50026,750,000
I1966Jan 15 1967NBC18.536$37,50024,430,000

Source: Nielsen Media Research and others.