CBS Scores Big with 2024 Super Bowl Ad Slots Nearly Sold Out

Paramount Global announces a significant win with high demand for advertising spots well before the game.

Paramount Global’s CBS is poised to score a major win in the advertising world as Super Bowl LVIII’s commercial inventory nears sell-out, well ahead of the February 11, 2024, game day in Las Vegas, Nevada. This early sell-out marks a significant triumph for Paramount, especially during a period when traditional media platforms are grappling with a downturn in advertising revenue.

Fox reported a decline in advertising earnings compared to the previous year, echoing similar patterns observed at NBCUniversal. Magna, a key player in advertising investment, anticipates an increase in ad revenues for 2023 and 2024. However, it highlighted that traditional media, particularly television, faces ongoing challenges.

Despite these broader industry trends, two sectors are showing robust performance: streaming video advertisements and live sports. The Super Bowl stands out as the premier event in sports advertising, with CBS and Paramount reportedly seeking up to $7 million for a 30-second commercial slot during the upcoming game.

The 2023 Super Bowl, televised by Fox, set a new record in TV viewership, attracting an audience of 115 million and generating over $600 million in ad revenue. This achievement underscores the continuing appeal and financial potential of advertising during this highly anticipated sports event.

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