Bud Light Releases Second in ‘Dilly Dilly Trilogy’ With Last to Come During Super Bowl LII

To the surprise of no one, Bud Light is extending its popular “Dilly Dilly” ads into a Super Bowl campaign with what it’s calling a “trilogy” of new commercials, beginning with one called “Wizard”.

The second new spot will “Sacrifice” aired Jan. 6 during the NFC and AFC Wild Card Games.

A third will air during Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4.

Andy Goeler, vp of marketing for Bud Light, told Adweek that the popularity of “Dilly Dilly” is too valuable to ignore.

“Consumers have latched onto it and made it their own, which is what makes this such an exciting time for Bud Light,” he said. “I think we all knew we had something special when we heard the first reads of the ‘Banquet’ spot, but I don’t know that we ever could have predicted it would have taken off like this. People love ‘Dilly Dilly,’ and we’re more than happy to keep providing new content.”

Source: Bud Light Is Bringing ‘Dilly Dilly’ to the Super Bowl With Trilogy of … – Adweek

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