Around the Web: Super bowl ads left much to be desired

From the disappointing SpongeBob SquarePants tribute at halftime to the boring and frustrating game between the Patriots and the Rams — the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history — it is easy to see why fans were excited for the next round of commercials. However, fans should have been equally disappointed by the ads that were neither funny nor clever.

Many commercials this year tried to make a statement, but only a couple of them really hit home with the viewers. Statements aside, even fewer were actually funny, especially when comparing them to hits like Doritos’ “Time Machine” and Mountain Dew’s “Puppy Monkey Baby.”

The ad, “Can I Have a Bublé?” from sparkling water company Bubly was one of the few entertaining commercials of the night, receiving an A- from the Chicago Tribune’sranked list of commercials. The ad shows singer Michael Bublé incorrectly pronouncing the sparkling water’s brand name to match his last name’s pronunciation and tries to get everyone else to say it his way. In the end, he marks over the “y” in Bubly and replaces it with the “é” of his last name. The childlike nature of Bublé and the funny banter from the others makes this ad unforgettable.

A more relatable take for an ad came with the chain of commercials from T-Mobile. In one of the four ads, a dad is trying to ask Google how to make eggplant parmigiana but keeps texting his daughter on accident instead. All of these ads are funny because they are depicting common situations that much of the audience can relate to.

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