The most anticipated Super Bowl ads of 2016 –

Even if your favorite team is not playing during the biggest night in football, fans can always look forward to the awesome commercials that play during the Super Bowl. And February 7 promises to be no exception. And in our social media-driven age, some companies have begun to debut online trailers to build anticipation for their content during the game.

Alec Baldwin flexes his tech-savvy nature in this new Amazon commercial.

Celebrating 20 years of cult-like fandom, Pokemon has got to catch all the attention with this new Super Bowl ad.

It’s a hilarious rom-com waiting to happen when Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer star in this new Bud Light commercial. Bud Light has had some of the most popular Super Bowl ads. Withthese two comedians, it seems that is a tradition they intend to keep.

A newcomer to the Super Bowl ad game is Persil. Boasting superior cleaning, could their upcoming ad put a new spin on the laundry game?

Liam Neeson and his particular set of skills appears in a new LG ad identifying the wave of the future.

Mini Cooper has a star-studded campaign called #DefyLabels that features tennis star Serena Williams as well as Harvey Keitel and Tony Hawk. The slow rollout is building anticipation as to how all of these stars will come together in the ad!

Doritos has always let fans and young filmmakers be a part of their ad-making process with their “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign. This year, however, marks the final year of this contest and the three finalists certainly do not disappoint.

Jacob Chase, 29, directed this video on a budget of $1,000.

Australian director Peter Carstairs shows the comical side of eating Doritos during your wife’s pregnancy.

David Rudy draws on the advent of social media dating in his Doritos commercial.

This Super Bowl season is going to be full of funny and controversial commercials. With celebrity cameos and hilarious plot lines, the commercial breaks might end up being more entertaining than the game itself.

Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials

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