2019 Super Bowl 53 Commercial Teasers Now Showing

Creepy men in the cul-de-sac, stolen packages and footprints in the backyard are just some of the fears security system SimpliSafe plays upon in its teaser for its first Super Bowl commercial.

TurboTax “RoboChild” big debut is this Sunday during the Super Bowl. But from the context of this video, it looks like he might think the Super Bowl is just a big dish where he can find his Kale Salad.

Christina Applegate stars in the new Super Bowl campaign for M&M’s, in this :15 teaser ad, she plays an annoying game with…(?)

Sarah Jessica Parker is back as Carrie Bradshaw! After a rematch with the infamous bus, she’s decided to change up her usual cosmopolitan for a Stella Artois. If every pour of Stella Artois can help provide access to clean water for someone in need, why choose anything else? Join Carrie as she chooses to change up the usual and do good. To learn more, visit https://www.stellaartois.com/DoGood#PourItForward

See one of the 2019 Stella Artois spots here.

Avocados from Mexico released their Super Bowl Preview “Poker” starring Kristin Chenoweth, and it looks like dogs have taken over the #AvocadosFromMexico website at http://www.anythingforavos.com/

Doesn’t get sexier than expense reports

It’s just what you want to hear about during the Super Bowl – the tedious task of filing your work expenses. Expense management company Expensify promises to put “an entertaining and elaborate twist on one of the most tedious financial management tasks in the workplace and beyond: filing expense reports.” The 30-second spot marks Expensify’s first Super Bowl ad and its first-ever TV commercial.

Alexa, order Pringles

Pringles released three teasers for its Super Bowl ad on Thursday featuring a smart speaker similar to an Amazon Echo or Google Home, Jessica Wohl reports. The ads come as food marketers try to figure out the best ways to cash in on the growing use of smart speakers in homes, especially as they’re typically found in the kitchen. In one of the teasers, the speaker’s voice says, “I cannot taste Pringles, only order them.”

Pringles won’t be including a celebrity this time around the way it did last year, when it made its Super Bowl debut with a spot starring actor Bill Hader and others stacking different flavors of Pringles chips to create new tastes.

See the full Pringles Spot here.

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé will star in his first Super Bowl spot for PepsiCo’s Bubly, E.J. Schultz reports. A teaser video released on Thursday shows the singer on a supermarket floor, permanent marker in hand, changing the ‘y’ in Bubly to é. The ad will also feature comedienne Aparna Nancherla.

Ludacris will also appear in Mercedes-Benz’s Super Bowl spot, the company confirmed.

Olay is shaking up that precedent with its first-ever Super Bowl ad. Today, the brand released three spooky teasers for the ad, called “Killer Skin,” which stars horror film veteran Sarah Michelle Gellar, of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2 fame.

The ad’s tagline—#KillerSkin—is brought to life with the appearance of a masked man who creepily stands outside in the rain, breaks down doors and appears in the mirror behind the Buffy actress while she’s rubbing moisturizer into her skin.

“I thought the concept was really fun and just such a great twist,” Gellar told Adweek. “All you ever want to do in your life as an actor is have these moments that people remember. When I read this, I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is going to be the kind of commercial that people remember and talk about the next day.’”Olay | Super Bowl Teaser

Rapper Lil Jon will star in Pepsi’s 30-second spot during the Super Bowl. The Atlanta-native appears in a short teaser for the commercial titled “Acting Lessons,” pouring a fountain drink in an old-school diner and delivering his signature tagline “okayyy!!!” In addition, Pepsi on Jan. 23 released teasers that feature rapper Cardi B and actor Steve Carell in the same diner as Lil Jon.

See the full spot here.

And another PepsiCo brand, Doritos, released a teaser of its spot on Thursday featuring Chance the Rapper alongside boy band Backstreet Boys. Try getting “I Want It That Way” out of your head after watching this one.

The chip brand released a teaser video on social media to promote its new Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor, and plans to announce more about the collaboration as game day approaches.

Jeff Bridges tweeted out a clip from his new ad which brings back “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski.. Many hoped it was an announcement from Universal Pictures for “Big Lebowski 2” (but it’s from Stella Artois)

Scout doesn’t let the daily grind get him down. He’s working hard to bring something new to you from the WeatherTech brand during the Big Game. It will change the way you feel about feeding your pets…. (maybe a under bowl mat?)

Mr Peanut and A-Rod are teaming up for some fun in this preview of their ad which will appear in the second quarter.

Febreze wants to remind folks that with all the pizza, nachos, dips and drinks that are going to be served up, you CAN’T forget the odor-eliminating MVP of any party. To help spread the message that Febreze should be in everyone’s Game Day line-up, the brand has partnered with Pro Football Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens, for the second year in a row. Together, they have created a light-hearted video that shows why hosts must #PartyPrepWithFebreze, and what can happen to any festivity without Febreze on-hand.

Director Ridley Scott helms “The Journey,” which documents an international trek through many of the world’s most famous cities. The complete Turkish Airlines short will be revealed during Super Bowl LIII during the first quarter

In Regional ads

The Hammer is back.. for the third straight year, personal injury attorney Darryl Isaacs from Isaacs & Isaacs in Louisville, Kentucky. In this year’s production, Darryl will be playing characters from some of the biggest recent movie blockbusters we’ve all at least heard about. Further details are available here.

Jim Beam will use local Super Bowl ad buys in the nation’s top three media markets to show off its first new global ad campaign in five years. The effort, called “Raised Right,” begins with an ad recalling how the family-run bourbon brand rebuilt itself in the wake of Prohibition.

[ yellow tail ] wine will debut its new “Tastes Like Happy” ad campaign with a new :30 TV spot airing during the Super Bowl. They have purchased spots in 81 local markets across the country. This will be the third year that they have advertised in local markets because Anheuser-Busch has purchased the rights to be the sole alcohol advertiser nationally.

H.E.B is a Texas based grocery chain. They have been advertising locally during the Super Bowl for the past 11 years. In the past they have come up with quite a few innovative commercials.

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